The motivation for the development of Application Calling grew from an interest in offering a large number of users access to software on an AppleTalk network. The goal of Application Calling was to give access to applications and yet: • limit the disk space requirements • protect software vendors from unauthorized copying of software • maintain the standard Macintosh interface • allow for easy software updates Application Calling does this by using a different method of accessing software. Instead of every user having a copy of an application, every user has a copy of a small file which launches or "calls up” the real application. The real applications are then hidden so that they cannot be easily copied. There are, however, two disadvantages to Application Calling: • it can be difficult to implement because the applications must initially be altered using a special application • some applications may not be able to be altered properly The following paper is divided into two major parts. The first part presents ways to use Application Calling, and the second explains the technical points of setting it up.

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