A brushless dc synchro drive system for use in teleoperators is investigated. T h e permanent-magnet synchronous machine is described and a mathematical model is presented. A dc-to-ac inverter is described and a current-band control is developed. Using the current-band inverter control system, an electromagnetic torque control scheme is developed. Through computer simulation and analysis, an operating region for this torque control method is determined. A synchro drive teleoperator system, wherein a synchronizing torque is produced electrically between the rotors of two brushless dc machines, is described which implements the previous electromagnetic torque control. A mathematical model for the teleoperator system is described and the system dynamic performance is demonstrated by computer simulation. An alternative synchro drive system configuration is also presented in which the quiescent power losses and risk of rotor demagnetization are reduced. A mathematical model is developed for this alternate configuration and a computer simulation is used to illustrate the system response.

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