MSEE thesis, supported by the Office of Naval Research through Grant No. N00014 87-K-0693


With the maturing of the technologies of molecular beam epitaxy and electron beam direct write, semiconductor crystals can be engineered on the size scale of a de Broglie wavelength in both the vertical and lateral directions. On this scale, the wave nature of the electrons becomes manifest and it becomes possible to conceive of devices that exploit wave properties such as resonance and diffraction. In this work, a complete fabrication process for building sub-micron conducting channels analogous to a waveguide in a high mobility GaAs - AlGaAs heterostructure is developed. The waveguides are characterized with respect to the number of transverse modes and the phase coherence length. A novel device structure analogous to a microwave resonator is fabricated and tested and found to give results in good agreement with theory

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