Supported by the Semiconductor Research Corporation Contract Number 87-SJ-089


The work described in this report is directed at understanding quantum transport phenomena in sub-micron heterostructure devices, at developing computational techniques for modeling such devices, and at applying these techniques to develop new device concepts. During the past year we have (l) applied a previously developed collisionless quantum device model (SEQUAL) and Monte Carlo model (DEMON) to the design and study of heterojunction bipolar transistors (Chapter 2); (2) developed a technique for the analysis of arbitrarily shaped quantum devices with elastic scattering (Chapter 3); and (3) developed an approach for incorporating inelastic dissipative processes in quantum transport theory (Chapter 4). As a by-product of the research, several heterostructure device models have been developed: 1- and 2-D equilibrium models, 1- and 2-D drift-diffusion models, a I-D Monte Carlo simulator and a 1-D collisionless quantum device model. These simulation programs are being applied to advanced device analysis at a number of laboratories and are available to SRC members on request

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