This document describes four design alternatives for a remote debugging and execution environment for the PASM Parallel Processing System Prototype in the School of EE at Purdue. Two alternatives involve acquisition of modest hardware for system enhancement, while the others are software-only solutions. All solutions involve use of a high-resolution bit-mapped graphics device, mouse and keyboard input, and a broad-band Ethernet-like communication medium. These latter components are currently available. The goal of this environment is to support any type of debugging which is currently supported by using the front panel of the machine and several terminals which are manually multiplexed between PEs and other resource management processors of the system. The environment will support voluntary output of processor activity from, and input to, any of the 30 processors of the PASM prototype. This configuration represents a step toward multiprogramming of the machine and will support development of software tools, languages and additional applications. Debugging information will be in the form of textual (or other) output displayed on virtual windows of a high-resolution device such as a SUN 3/50.

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