Supported by the Semiconductor Research Corporation Contract Number 86-07-089


The work described in this report is directed at understanding transport physics in sub-micron heterostructure devices, at developing computational techniques for modeling such devices, and at applying these techniques to investigate new device concepts. The focus of the past year’s work has been on extending our collisionless, quantum device models to treat elastic scattering processes and at applying previously-developed models to the design and study of AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors. This report describes the past year’s progress in these two areas. As a by-product of the research, several heterostructure device models have been developed, 1- and 2-D equilibrium models, 1- and 2-D drift-diffusion models, a 1-D Monte Carlo simulator and a 1-D, collisionless quantum device model. These simulation programs are being applied to advanced device analysis at a number of laboratories and are available to SRC members on request.

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