Final Report for NRL Contract N00173-79-C-0362


This is the final report on NRL Contract N00173-79-C-0362. The purpose of this investigation was to fabricate germanium photovoltaic cells and to examine the feasibility of using them in a thermophotovoltaic system for the generation of electrical power in space. The energy source was to be solar. Systems aspects of the collection of solar energy and rejection of waste heat were not a part of this study. The strategy employed in this investigation was the following. 1. Fabricate germanium photodiodes. 2. Carefully characterize these photodiodes. 3. Simulate the performance of these photodiodes using a detailed numerical model of the cell and the illuminating spectra. 4. Use this simulation program to project the potential performance of germanium photodiodes in a thermophotovoltaic system under various assumptions about future improvements in diode performance and under various thermophotovoltaic spectral conditions

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