COSMIC, the Combined Ordering Scheme Model with Isolated Components, describes the execution of specific algorithms on multiprocessors and facilitates analysis of their performance. Building upon previous modeling efforts such as Petri nets, COSMIC structures the modeling of a system along several issues including computational and overhead costs due to sequencing of operations, synchronization between operations, and contention for limited resources. This structuring allows us to isolate the performance impact associated with each issue. Finally, studying the performance of a system while executing a specific algorithm gives insight into its performance under realistic operating conditions. The model also allows us to study realistically sized algorithms with ease, especially when they are regularly structured. During the analysis of a system modeled by COSMIC, a set timed Petri nets is produced. These Petri nets are then analyzed to determine measures of the systems performance. To facilitate the specification, manipulation, and analysis of large timed Petri nets, a set of tools has been developed. These tools take advantage of several special properties of the timed Petri nets that greatly reduce the computational resources required to calculate the required measures. From this analysis, performance measures show not only total performance, but also present a breakdown of these results into several specific categories.

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