MSEE Thesis. Supported by the Purdue Electric Power Center


A load flow study is used to determine the state variables of a power system. Load flow studies are essential for analyzing the effects of future load growth, for planning new facilities, and for the normal daily operation of the power system. The goal of this research is to examine an alternative load flow solution to be used in connection with the power system’s data acquisition system. Three standard linear power flow models are proposed which form a redundant set of linear equations. The equations make use of system measurements to help overcome errors introduced in the linear models. The set of redundant equations is then solved in minimal least squares sense. A method to include off-nominal tap ratio transformers and transmission line shunt capacitance is developed. A method to identify optimal measurement placement through a study of singular values is suggested. The non-iterative study technique is evaluated on a thirty-eight bus, forty-four line test system.

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