This report consists of the nineteen term project reports for the graduate-level course EE695G ” Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering”, which was offered for the fall semester of 1984 in the School of Electrical Engineering. The purpose of the term project is to provide each student an opportunity of designing and implementing a prototype expert system. The application area of each of these expert systems was selected by the student(s) working on the projects. This report is published for the purpose of documenting these results for future reference by the students of the above-mentioned course and, possibly, other workers in expert systems. The nineteen reports are grouped into seven parts based on their application domains. Part 1 - Manufacturing consists of six reports, and Part II - Robotics contains three. Two reports in each of Part III - Vision and Part IV - Management, and one in each of Part V - Structural Engineering and Part VI - Automatic Programming. The last part, Part VII - Others, consists of four reports with different applications.

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