This report was prepared under USAF Contract No, AF 33(616) - 6890, Project No. 8225, Task No. 82181.


This is a preliminary report on the state of the art of adaptive control. It in no way attempts to review all of the various adaptive systems which have been proposed or constructed® Probably the most complete effort in this direction is WADC TR 59-49# The Proceedings of the Self Adaptive Flight Control Systems Symposium, Edited by P. C. Gregory® Rather this report attempts a synthesis of the present philosophy on adaptive control and is essentially a definition of the problem® The report attempts to subdivide the adaptive control problem into three subdivisions and to assess present progress in each of these areas. Ideas that have been proposed by various authors are brought together and given unified treatment® In making this organization# various gaps in the present state of the art have become apparent and these are under intensive survey presently at Purdue. The initial portion of the project# consisting of this organization terminated several months ago and at present the project personnel are engaged on original research along the lines indicated by the monthly progress reports to WADD. Further interim reports will discuss these items and in accordance with present Air Force practice the final report will contain all of the information of the interim reports and will thus be self sufficient.

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