This paper presents and validates methods to extend reuse distance analysis of application locality characteristics to shared-memory multicore platforms by accounting for invalidation-based cache-coherence and inter-core cache sharing. Existing reuse distance analysis methods track the number of distinct addresses referenced between reuses of the same address by a given thread, but do not model the effects of data references by other threads. This paper shows several methods to keep reuse stacks consistent so that they account for invalidations and cache sharing, either as references arise in a simulated execution or at synchronization points. These methods are evaluated against a Simics-based coherent cache simulator running several OpenMP and transaction-based benchmarks. The results show that adding multicore-awareness substantially improves the ability of reuse distance analysis to model cache behavior, reducing the error in miss ratio prediction (relative to cache simulation for a specific cache size) by an average of 69% for per-core caches and an average of 84% for shared caches.

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