We propose a joint optimization framework for quality-of-service (QoS) routing with resource allocation in a generalized processor sharing (GPS) network. Our joint optimization framework provides a convenient way of maximizing the reliability or minimizing the jitter delay of paths. Data traffic is sensitive to droppage at buffers while it can tolerate jitter delay. On the other hand multimedia traffic can tolerate loss but it is very sensitive to jitter delay. Depending on the type of data, our scheme provides a convenient way of selecting the parameters which result in either reliabilty maximization or jitter minimization. We solve the optimization problem for a GPS network and provide the optimal solutions. We find the values of control parameters which control the type of optimization performed. We use our analytical results in multi-objective QoS routing algorithm. In the end we provide insights into our optimization framework using simulations.


Jitter, Reliability, Generalized Processor Sharing, Quality-of-Service.

Date of this Version

March 2007