S-DEMON (Version 2.0) is a computer program that simulates electron transport through Silicon DEvices by the MONte Carlo technique. The program will print and plot histograms of the carrier distribution function at different positions as well as other quantities of interest such as the average velocity, carrier density, and energy. For a more thorough discussion of the theoretical basis and the implementatioin of S-DEMON, the user is directed to the references [I-71. Material parameters taken from reference 171. This text begins with general notes on installing and running S-DEMON. Next, a description of the input deck format is given, followed by a complete list of the program commands. Appendix A lists the default input deck. Appendix B gives several examples of input clecks. Appendix C discusses the output format, and presents some actual output generaated from one of the input decks in Appendix B. The development of S-DEMON was supported by the Semiconductor Research Corporation.

Date of this Version

November 1992