In this paper, we propose a manipulator control based on a simplified robot dynamic model. The proposed controller is computationally efficient, and it assures asymptotic trajectory tracking. The simplified robotic model is obtained in a systematic way and is adequate for control purpose. The simplification algorithm is suitable either for general or trajectory specific motion. The algorithm simplifies only the position dependent elements of manipulator equations of motion. Therefore, if position tracking errors alone are small, the algorithm applied off-line for the desired trajectory, generates simpli6ed model valid also for an actual trajectory. The algorithm assembles the structure of the simplified model, estimates its parameters and formulates bounds on the approximation errors. The simplified model and the bounds on approximation errors are then used to construct a control law based on Lyapunov stability theory. Finally, the control is extended to robust and adaptive cases and computer simulations for a three-link robot arm are presented to verify the performance of the proposed technique.


Robot control, Robot dynamics model, Model simplification

Date of this Version

May 1992