A new approach to optimizing computer-generated holograms (CGH's) is discussed. The approach can be summarized most generally as hierarchically designing a number of holograms to add up coherently to a single desired reconstruction. In the case of binary holograms, this approach results in the interlacing (IT) and the iterative interlacing (IIT) techniques. In the IT technique, a number of subholograms are designed and interlaced together to generate the total binary hologram. The first sttbhologram is designed to reconstruct the desired image. The succeeding subholograms are designed to correct the remaining error image. In the IIT technique, the remaining error image after the last subhologram is circulated back to the first subhologram, and the process is continued a number of sweeps until convergence. The IT and the IIT techniques can be used together with most CGH synthesis algorithms, and result in substantial reduction in reconstruction error as well as increased speed of convergence in the case of iterative algorithms.

Date of this Version

January 1992