Many years ago, I found that the students in EE 532, Computer Applications in Power System Engineering at Purdue University benefited by assembling a "term report". This report is written individually by the students, presented in a videotaped session, and assembled in a written report. For the Fall 1993 semester, the assigned subject was "Selected Topics in Electric Power Quality", and this is the compiled report written by (Chapter I) Soheil Alyasin (Chapter 11) Reid Sasaki (Chapter III) Atulya Risal (Chapter IV) Ling Chung (Chapter V) Jinyu Yang (Chapter VI) Brian Kwon (Chapter VII) Dan Hu. The topics state with iron core transformers (Chapters I and 11), their losses, harmonic response, and connection with electric power quality. Chapter I11 deals with watt-hour meters and their accuracy in the presence of demand current harmonics. Chapters IV and V deal with two important sources of power quality problems: electric arc furnaces and adjustable speed drives. Chapter VI deals with indices and measurement of electric power quality. The report concludes with a traditional but important topic in electric quality: lightning.

Date of this Version

December 1993