Communication of multimetlia information over broadband networks dictates stringent QOS requirements. In this report, we propose a commnnication model for preorchestrated multimedia information. The proposed model, calletl XOCPN, specifies the performance parameters to handle mnltimedia media. effectively as well as provides resynchronization action to compensate anomalies thle to random delays introduced by the network. The model is used to determine the optimal number of channels needed to transmit the multimedia information. Subsequently, we consider a channel-deficient system having homogeneous channels (i.e. channels with identical characteristics) and prove that scheduling transmission of multimedia data in this system is an NP-hard problem. Accordingly, we propose a, heuristic algorithm with complexity O(n log nm), where n represents the number of data units to be communicated over m channels. Subsequently, we consider a more general case of channel-deficient system with heterogeneous channel. Also for this system, a heuristic algorithm with complexity O(n1ognm + nk) is proposetl, where k is the number of different chatracteristics among available channels.


Multimedia Communication, Pre-orchestrated Multimedia Inflormation, Transmission Scheduling, Channel-deficient System

Date of this Version

December 1993