FACTS or "flexible AC transmission systems" is a term that has been suggested for the use of solid state devices to control bulk power flow in transmission systems. The Electric Power Research Institute supported this idea, and many researchers have invested efforts on the value and potential of FACTS. At this time, it appears that the main value of FACTS lies in improving transmission capability; increasing the flexibility of power flow control (e.g., for wheeling or for economic dispatch); for controlling voltage (and var flow); and possibly additional advantages in lower voltage systems (e.g., distribution systems). This report is an overview of FACTS. It was produced by the EE 532 class ("Computer Analysis of Power Systems") at Purdue Ur~iversityin the Fall, 1994 semester. The student in this class always prepare a term report which is issued by the School of Electrical Engineering as a technical report. The cost of printing was paid by the Purdue Electric Power Center (PEPC) which forms a base of the povver engineering program at Purdue. The students also presented their work in the form of a videotape. I was the class instructor for the semester.

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