To compactly represent sentences containing syntactic ambiguity until the necessary information has been processed to refine the meaning, we have modified an all-path context-free grammar parser to generate a shared-packed parse forest annotated with logical form. An annotated shared-packed forest cannot contain every representation of a highly ambiguous sentence without using an intractable amount of space. Hence, our program stores procedure calls for creating all possible logical forms for a c.onstituent in the forest. The resulting forest contains the same number of nodes and is not much bigger than the original forest. Furthermore, the stored procedural information can be used by a program to construct representations for any of the constituents in. the forest for subsequent testing against a world model. After performing each test, the program can incrementally prune the forest of ambiguity. Key Words: natural language processing, parse forest, logical


natural language processing, parse forest, logical form

Date of this Version

January 1994