Power system engineering largely focuses on steady state analysis. The main areas of power system engineering are power flow studies and fault studies - both steady state technologies. But the world is largely transient, and power systems are always subject to time varying and short lived signals. This technical report concerns several important topics in transient analyses of power systems. The leading chapter deals with a new analytical tool-wavelets-for power system transients. Flicker and electric are furnace transients are discussed in Chapters I1 and IV. Chapter 111 deals with transients from shunt capacitor switching. The concluding chapters deal with transformer inrush current and non simultaneous pole closures of circuit breakers. This report was prepared by the students in EE532 at Purdue University. When I first came to Purdue in 1965, Professor El-Abiad was asking for student term projects which were turned into technical reports. I have 'borrowed' this idea and for many years we have produced technical reports from the power systems courses. The students get practice in writing reports, and the reader is able to get an idea of the coverage of our courses. I think that the students have done a good job on the subject of transients in power systems.

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