This paper develops a hybrid/gain scheduled control to move a diesel engine through a driving profile represented as a set of 12 operating points in the 7-dimensional state space of a 7th order nonlinear state model. The calculations for the control design are based on a 3rd order(reduced) model of the Diesel engine on which state space is projected the 12 operating points. About each operating point, we generate a 3rd order nonlinear error models of the Diesel engine. Using the error model for each operating point, a control design is set forth as a system of LMI's. The solution of each system of LMI's produces a norm bounded controller guaranteeing that x x i d i d - Æ 1 where xi d is the i-th desired operating point in the 3-dimensional state space. The control performance is then evaluated on the 7th order model.

Date of this Version

January 2002