The purpose of this research is to analyze, simulate, and compare two different control strategies for a variable speed pulsewidth modulated induction motor drive, and implement one of the control strategies using the Motorola MC68F333 inicrocontroller. The two strategies examined in this technical report are volts per hertz control and field oriented control. The benefits and limitations of each strategy are examined through theoretical analysis. Verification of the analysis is performed by simulating thc strategies usmg the Simulink toolbox of Matlab. The Motorola microcontroller is then used to generate both edge-aligned and center-aligned pulsewidth modulated drive signals for a three phase voltage-source inverter while operating under volts per hertz control. Finally, a spectra analysis of each PWM drive signal is determined and the hamionic content of each signal is compared to the harmonic content of the classical sine-modulated PWM drive signal.

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