The performance of the permanent magnet synchronous machines depends on the torque ripple and radial forces acting on its shaft and stator frame. There are two major ways to treat the undesirable torque ripples. In the first group of the methods machine design issues is considered. The second group considers optimal excitation of the machine so that the resulting performance is acceptable. In this paper a voltage formulation of the field reconstruction method is derived to predict the machine performance. The voltage source waveforms are used to find the associated 3 phase currents. The currents are used to calculate magnetic field distribution in the middle of the air gap. These quantities are used to predict the performance of the targeted PMSM.


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Electric fields, Magnetic fields, permanent magnet machines, synchronous machines

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January 2008



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IECON 2008 - 34th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (2008) 2009-13;



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