Traditional analysis and design of induction machines have been largely based upon lumped-parameter models. An alternative tool used for field-based evaluations of an induction machine is the finite-element method. Although useful, its computational complexity limits its use as a design tool. In this paper, a field reconstruction (FR) method for induction machine simulation is introduced. The FR method utilizes a small number of finite-element evaluations to establish basis functions of normal and tangential flux densities. The basis functions are then used to estimate the magnetic field under arbitrary stator excitation. Using such a tool, evaluation of fields and forces produced by a machine under alternative excitation strategies can be explored efficiently. Moreover, alternative field-based derivation of stator/rotor excitation control can be explored.


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asynchronous machines, Computational complexity, finite element analysis

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January 2009



Published in:

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 24,2 (2009) 366-74;



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