A dual-mode field programmable RF amplifier / mixer is presented. Transistor switches, low loss CPW lines and RF transistors are combined in a 3-stage distributed topology which can operate as either a distributed amplifier or a distributed mixer. Functional reconfigurability is achieved using one bit programming without changing the signal path. The programmable module in its distributed amplifier mode provides a gain of 8dB in a 3-8 GHz bandwidth. When switched to the distributed mixer mode, it shows a measured average conversion gain of 4dB in a 1-16GHz bandwidth. This circuit is fabricated in a standard 130nm CMOS technology and occupies 4 mmx1.2 mm chip area.


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Broadband amplifiers, CMOS integrated circuits, Functional programming, Insulating materials, Microwaves, Mixing

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January 2009



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IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (2009) 581-584;



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