We have proposed a method for estimating the subjective age of a person; that is, a method that yields a person's age on the basis of estimations made by that person about the age of other people by observing their facial images. Thus far, experiments have shown that Japanese people tend to underestimate their subjective age. In this study, we focus on the socio-psychological effects that may influence the underestimation of subjective age. We conducted an international comparative study. In this study, experiments were performed in which American and Japanese participants viewed American facial images; in addition, the American participants also viewed Japanese facial images. Through these experiments, it was confirmed that the subjective age generally tended toward the negative direction despite differences in the nationalities and cultures of the Japanese and American participants and their facial images. Moreover, it was found that nationality and culture may have some effects on the estimation; for example, American males did not exhibit the tendency to underestimate the age, unlike Japanese male. When estimating facial images of different nationalities, the variance generally tended to be larger, although the average was similar. This study suggests that the underestimation of age occurs despite differences in Japanese and American societies and cultures; however, the tendency of underestimation of age is not related to facial images but to social and cultural factors that influence the participants.


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Cybernetics, Estimation, Experiments, Regression analysis

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January 2009



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Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (2009) 639-644;



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