In this paper we present a new slot antenna with an embedded temperature sensor for remote sensing in harsh environment applications. When the antenna is illuminated with a plane wave it returns a signal. The returned signal's frequency is modulated by the loaded capacitance formed by an array of MEMS bimorph (metal-dielectric) cantilevers. The MEMS cantilevers deflect downwards when the temperature is changed from 20C to 300C. As a result, the resonant frequency of the slot is linearly tuned from 19.45 to 19.30 GHz. The design yields a totally passive and integrated antenna/sensor. The MEMS fabrication is inherently robust, does not suffer from the creep or fatigue problems of traditional bimorph temperature sensors, and has a very high manufacturing yield, even in an academic clean room environment.


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microsensors, slot antennas, Temperature sensors, wireless sensor networks

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January 2009



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2009 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (MTT) (2009) 1161-4;



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