What are the arenas where leadership and culture can be revitalized? In my own history of three university and college presidencies (public and private, traditional and non traditional), a stint in Washington, DC, as Vice President and Director of the Office of Women in Higher Education at the American Council on Education, the establishment of my own international business in executive leadership coaching and consulting, my work as a writer and teacher of leadership theory (including leadership and gender), and my experiences facilitating leadership training for developing nations under the auspices of the United Nations, I have consciously struggled with ways to define my own leadership as a force for renewal and transformative change.

We need a very different kind of leadership and a powerful language to describe it. Several terms depict what I view as essential components of the contemporary leader: the Leader as 1) Explorer and Journeyer, 2) Creator of Personal and Organizational Coherence, 3) Healer, 4) Mentor-Teacher, and 5) Magus. Because the first point under girds the other four, most of my discussion will focus on that, with the other points touched on only briefly.