ELRC Publications

ELRC Publications


The Evaluation and Learning Research Center (ELRC) is one of 10 interdisciplinary research centers in Purdue University's Discovery Park. The mission of the ELRC is to advance research that revolutionizes learning in the STEM* disciplines. Through externally funded research projects, innovative programs, and collaborative partnerships, the ELRC is committed to redesigning educational practices and creating innovative learning environments that have immediate impacts and nurture lifelong learning for students and citizens of a global community.

This series contains publications published through the Evaluation and Learning Research Center at Purdue University.


Manuscripts from 2007

Peer Feedback in Online Learning Environments: An Exploratory Case Study, P. Ertmer, J. C. Richardson, B. Belland, D. Camin, P. Connolly, G. Coulthard, K. Lei, and C. Mong

Manuscripts from 2006

Learning to Use Scientific Models: Multiple Dimensions of Conceptual Change, C. A. Chinn and A. Samarapungavan

Forensic Science Workshop Assists Middle-Level Teachers to Incorporate Inquiry into Their Classroom, S. Witham, G. Krockover, W. Burgess, W. Bayley, L. Carleton, and J. Fitch

Manuscripts from 2004

Using the Sciences of Archaeology and Forensics to Bring Inquiry into the Classroom, S. Witham, G. Krockover, W. Burgess, and W. Bayley