Normative and non-normative family change: Delineation and application of a cross -transitional conceptual framework

Daniel William Poff, Purdue University


The purpose of the present thesis is to delineate a conceptual framework that bridges normative and non-normative family transitions. Previous research has tended to look at normative and non-normative family transition as separate phenomena. It is asserted in this thesis that there are common dimensions between the two types of transitions. Two questions are addressed in this manuscript. First, how are normative and non-normative transitions similar and distinct? Second, to what extent do misting theoretical frames of reference contribute to the development of this conceptual framework? A review of cognitive-mediational, sociological, and family stress theories provides a wholistic foundation for the development of a cross-transitional conceptual framework. The conceptual framework is delineated and illustrated through the application of the literatures of the transition to parenthood and infertility. ^




Major Professor: Joan A. Jurich, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Psychology, Social|Psychology, Clinical|Sociology, Individual and Family Studies

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