Information architecture for an advanced integrated manufacturing enterprise

Detlef Michael Weber, Purdue University


The presented research achieves five objectives. It presents an information model designed to support the system developer in the planning, configuring, and organizing of information management systems for future enterprises with a high degree of automation and computerization. An architecture for such an information management system is proposed which has the flexibility to respond to the needs of this envisioned enterprise and adapt to its changes and growth. The issue of information overload is introduced as a key bottleneck and obstacle to advanced information management systems. The concept of data compression is introduced as a solution to it. The issue of service efficiency is introduced as the other key bottleneck and obstacle to advanced information management. An information service architecture with intelligent planning capabilities is proposed as a solution to this problem. Finally, the two key concepts, data compression and information service are experimentally investigated and conclusions about the feasibility and the performance reached.




Moodie, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Industrial engineering|Computer science|Information Systems

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