Calculation of transient compressible three-dimensional turbulent flow in a propulsive nozzle using the viscous arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method

Robert Merton Stwalley, Purdue University


This thesis presents the results of an investigation into the transient compressible viscous three-dimensional fluid flow in a propulsive nozzle. The governing equations for the problem are derived and applied in a computer code utilizing the VALE (Viscous Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian) method. The computer code was verified using the nozzles of Cuffle, Back, and Massier (1969) and Hoffman (1988). Two test cases were utilized to demonstrate the utility of the code for this type of work. A transient propulsive nozzle was examined. Viscous effects are apparent during the nozzle start-up. Asymmetric stagnation inlet properties in propulsive nozzles were analyzed. The asymmetric inlet conditions were found to produce asymmetric thrust. The computer code developed for this project proved to be a useful tool, which should have lasting utility.




Hoffman, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering

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