Chaos in the peroxidase-oxidase reaction

Curtis Grant Steinmetz, Purdue University


Complex oscillatory behaviors, including chaos, are investigated in a model of the peroxidase-oxidase reaction. Chaos is found to be intimately associated with both complex periodic oscillations and quasiperiodicity. Also, the existence of two time scales is found to be important for all of the complex oscillations observed--both chaotic and nonchaotic. The global transition to chaos in this model is found to be the quasiperiodic route, by which a 2-torus becomes a strange attractor. On the supercritical side of this global transition a periodic chaotic sequence is found, and the local transitions to chaos are investigated within this sequence. Both period doubling and type I intermittency are found to be local routes to chaos.




Larter, Purdue University.

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