NASIR GHIASEDDIN, Purdue University


The objective of this research is to design the framework for a DSS Development System (DSSDS). The study begins with the investigation of approaches to higher productivity in software development. Then the needs of the decision makers and their expectations from the DSS are studied in detail, in order to design an environment which would support the development of successful decision support systems. From this study a set of characteristics for a successful DSS are identified. Consequently high yield productivity approaches to software development plus the characteristics of a successful DSS are used to design an environment for DSS development. This environment is called "The DSS Development System or DSSDS." The DSSDS is a semi-automatic system. The philosophy of the DSSDS is based on two concepts: (i) the use of highly automated tools throughout the development process and, (ii) the use of prefabricated pieces in the manufacturing of a whole piece. In order to operationalize these concepts, a set of highly automated tools, facilities, and very high level command languages are described to be used by the developer throughout the development process. The concept of a Systems Analysis and Design Facility (SADF) is presented to help the developer throughout the development process. A supporting data base structure is designed to store all the necessary information pertaining to analysis and design process. The concept of a computer based library of modules is presented for storing the pertinent information about all the available preprogrammed modules. An extended network logical structure for storage of module-related information is described in detail. It is also shown how this information can be used through a semi-automatic mechanism in the manufacturing of new systems. The DSSDS supports the development process throughout the entire life cycle of the DSS. The DSSDS provides an environment in which the developer can create high quality decision support systems, with moderate cost and in a relatively short period of time.



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