ELT professionals publishing in international applied linguistics journals: The case of mainland China

Kyle Ryan McIntosh, Purdue University


In this dissertation, I investigate the publication activities of English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals at three universities in Mainland China. Through archival research, questionnaires, interviews and observations, I provide a series of "snapshots" of local academic communities in flux as their members contend with growing institutional pressure to publish internationally, which in this day and age is practically synonymous with publishing in English. In doing so, my intention is not to offer a definitive assessment of the situation with regards to academic publication in Mainland China, nor to overtly politicize it, but rather to examine carefully the complex interactions that occur between scholarly writers and the languages they use, the discourse conventions they follow, the physical environments in which they write, the institutional policies that affect the types of research they conduct and the journals to which the submit, and the gatekeeping mechanisms that ultimately determine the acceptance or rejection of their academic work by those journals.




Silva, Purdue University.

Subject Area

English as a Second Language|Higher education

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