Assimilation to virtual work: A mixed-methods case study of organizational change

Pamela L Morris, Purdue University


The purpose of this case study is to explore the how a highly structured organization changed to a virtual work format using organizational re-assimilation as a frame. The case is foremost one of organizational change, which informs how data were collected, analyzed, and structured. In particular, this is a case study that incorporates recommendations from organizational change literature about careful contextualization of change events, a view of change from a process perspective, and using the perspectives of individual employees. Drawing from this process perspective, this study proposes that organizational assimilation is a key process at work during organizational change, in particular when there is major disruption to ways of working as is the case when changing to virtual work. The nature of the study's research questions lend themselves to a mixed-methods design. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed to analyze this case, including observation, interviews with organizational members and leaders, and an organization-wide survey. This study contributes to research by examining a view of organizational change through what this study terms re-assimilation (others may call it re-socialization) and how that can contribute to understanding and improving change processes.




Connaughton, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Management|Communication|Organizational behavior

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