An empirical and logical analysis of crisis preparedness in the meeting planning industry

Stacey Leigh Smith, Purdue University


A devastating crisis can be the defining moment for an organization. Regardless of the severity of a situation, crises pose a serious threat to companies - in their reputation and in their physical and financial health. Preparation is the key to a successful response. This dissertation analyzed the current level of preparedness for the meeting planning industry in regards to crisis planning efforts. The overall research, presented in three studies, identifies a lack of preparedness overall for the meeting planning industry. Recommendations for better crisis planning in the meeting planning industry are provided. ^ The research in this dissertation examines the issue of crisis preparedness for the meeting planning industry. Three studies are presented related to this core issue, followed by a model for developing crisis plans and a suggested application framework. The flow of the research is from theory to analysis to application. General references relating to each article are presented in alphabetical order at the end of the dissertation in a comprehensive collection to help the reader find information and allow for intellectual linkages between citations.^




Thomas Pearson, Purdue University, Sheryl Kline, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Business Administration, Management

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