A latent growth curve analysis of sexual behavior among adolescent women

Devon Joy Hensel, Purdue University


Using data from (N = 100) sexually active, urban adolescents, this project employs latent growth curve analysis to document the prevalence of concurrent coitus and bleeding (CCB) over time. In line with normative sexual scripts, CCB is generally an infrequent event; however, findings demonstrate significant individual variability in change over time among those who do engage in this activity. A greater degree of decline in CCB over time is associated with Black females, those with fewer years of sexual activity, females with lower initial levels of coital frequency and a higher degree of change in coitus over time. Sexual risk repertoire is not associated with change in coitus and bleeding over time. The findings suggest that among adolescents, decisions to engage in sex with bleeding may be different than those guiding similar actions among adult women.




Anderson, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Sociology|Womens studies

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