Measurement of the B meson lifetimes in fully hadronic decays at the CDF-II experiment

Kim Giolo, Purdue University


We report the measurements of the B+, B0 and Bs meson lifetimes, performed analyzing a data sample of 360 pb−1 collected by the CDF-II detector in pp¯ collisions at [special characters omitted] = 1.96 TeV. The lifetimes are extracted using the fully reconstructed hadronic decay modes B+ → D¯ 0π+, B0 → D−π+, Bs → [special characters omitted]π+ selected by a novel trigger based on displaced tracks. Using a Monte Carlo approach to correct the effects of the trigger and selection cuts we measure [special characters omitted]Results agree with the current world averages and theoretical predictions. In particular, the obtained Bs meson lifetime measurement is one of the most precise measurements of this quantity available at the moment and the best one using a single decay channel.




Bortoletto, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Particle physics

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