A cross -border natural gas supply system to support the electricity industry in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council-GCC: A large scale mixed integer linear mathematical programming model of the production, transportation, and storage of natural gas

Muhammad Al-Salamah, Purdue University


To deign a natural gas transmission network for the GCC, a mixed integer linear mathematical programming model has been proposed. The gas network will permit the free flow of gas among the GCC countries in order for them to meet increasing, fluctuating, predicted electricity demands. The objective function that needs to be minimized holds the cost components of the network; these are the capital costs of new gas sources, storage areas, and pipelines, and the operating costs of the system: gas production, storage, and transportation. The linear constraints in the model descript the conservation of flow at each node of the network, system capacities, inventory, and demand requirements. During the 20 years which are the length set for the planning horizon, the model chooses the components that should be added to the network and the timings at which they become part of the network. The 0–1 variables are the decision variables associated with the decisions to add to the network the different components. The GCC gas transmission network is too large to be solved in a reasonable time; this is due to the presence of large number of binary variables. A two-step method has been proposed in this study to solve the problem to a satisfactory solution in a competitive time. Three gas network designs have been proposed; each design is the recommended design under one of the three electricity demand growth rate scenarios in Saudi Arabia. The three designs have shown to be superior to the electricity transmission option for the GCC in terms of the system total discounted cost. ^




Major Professor: Frederick T. Sparrow, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Engineering, Industrial

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