Building and maintaining relationships online: A framework for analyzing the public relations website experience

Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Purdue University


The purpose of the present study was to inquire into the nature and characteristics of the public relations website experience. Websites are an important communication medium in today's society and theory is needed to better understand the experience of using them. This dissertation addressed the website user experience in the context of public relations and proposed a framework of the public relations website experience built on the major coordinates of time and space. The framework provides a description of three phases of the temporal dimension (first impression, exploration, and exit) and of the components of the spatial dimension (modules, elements, and element functions). Research questions exploring the connections between the temporal and the spatial dimensions were advanced. Empirical research was conducted following a new research protocol called User Experience Analysis. Based on the data analysis, the temporal and spatial dimensions were connected and the public relations website experience of the student community who participated in this research was mapped.




Sypher, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Mass media|Marketing

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