Abstractions and efficient implementation of automatically reconfigurable network testbeds

Christopher Adam Telfer, Purdue University


This work investigates how to build automatically reconfigurable network testbeds. A user operates a reconfigurable network testbed by submitting a high-level specification of the types of testbed resources to use and the topology and configuration required for the experiment. The testbed tracks which resources are available, and, on request, selects resources to allocate to the user and configures the resources according to the user's specification. Automatically reconfigurable network testbeds can manage a variety of network resources at different layers of abstraction. By unifying the interface to, mediating access to, and automating the configuration of network devices, reconfigurable network testbeds save time and effort for network system designers. ^




Major Professor: Douglas E. Comer, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Computer Science

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