A critical edition and study of Tirso de Molina's "El castigo del penseque" and "Quien calla, otorga"

John W Reed, Purdue University


Until recently, textual scholarship in the Spanish comedia has lagged behind that of other disciplines. The purpose of this dissertation is to provide a critical edition of two plays that is faithful to the original printed version, establishing a reliable foundation for further investigation and inquiry. Due to the lack of an autograph manuscript, this study will restore these works to a condition that best reflects the first printed version. Included is an analysis of the plays that focuses on the numerous carnivalesque, intertextual, and metatheatrical techniques and their relation to the questioning of sensitive social issues of Tirso's day, such as women's rights and class distinctions, as well as to the instability of oral and written communication. ^




Major Professors: Charles V. Ganelin, Purdue University, Howard Mancing, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Literature, Romance|Theater

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