Integrated micro PEM fuel cell with self-regulated hydrogen generation from ammonia borane

Mahmoud Reza Zamani Farahani, Purdue University


An integrated micro PEM fuel cell system with self-regulated hydrogen generation from ammonia borane is reported to power portable electronics. Hydrogen is generated via catalytic hydrolysis reaction of ammonia borane solution in microchannels with nanoporous platinum catalyst electroplated inside the microchannels. The self-regulation of the ammonia borane solution is achieved by using directional growth and selective venting of hydrogen bubbles in microchannels, which leads to agitation and addition of fresh solution without power consumption. The device is fabricated on combination of polystyrene sheets cut by graphic cutter, a stainless steel layer cut using wire electrical discharge machining and bonding layers with double-sided Polyimide tape. Due to the seamless bonding between the hydrogen generator and the micro fuel cell, the dead volume in the gas connection loops can be significantly reduced and the response time of self-regulation is reduced.




Zhu, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering

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