Design and analysis of a novel electron beam micro-column array

Ye Wen, Purdue University


To best utilize the high-throughput potential of electron beam lithography (EBL), miniature electron-beam columns have been developed. Most of these prototypes utilized the conventional Schottky emitter with high operation temperature (~1800 K), but thermal issues become the biggest obstacle in its development. To solve this issue, we developed an innovative nanoscale photoemission source, however so far there is no study published about the microcolumn design based on such a source and no work reported on the thermal effect analysis for such a microcolumn. In this study, a new microcolumn is designed so that the source can be incorporated with the concept of massive parallelism. Based on the several design parameters evaluated, it is possible that such a microcolumn can provide high resolution with a reasonable throughput. To determine the final resolution of the microcolumn, energy distribution in resist is analyzed. Finally, the temperature distributions in resist caused by different beam energies are evaluated for local and global thermal effect.




Pan, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering

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