Self-powered height sensing with wireless data transmission in air ride

Mochen Li, Purdue University


With the development of the automobile electronic technology, more and more sensors are applied to monitor and control the vehicle. However, this also brings much limitations and inconvenience for the layout of electronic devices. At the same time, wireless sensor technology inspires many innovation for the automotive industry. This study will design and test a wireless sensor node in replacing of the original height sensing system in an Air Ride. Considering the vibration environment of the air ride, a vibration-powered generator is need to power the wireless sensor node. Meantime, a ZigBee device is chosen as the wireless transmission unit connected with the height sensor. After a literature review of ZigBee technology and piezoelectric materials is conducted, the theoretical design of each unit will be presented. Wireless sensor node and self-powered generator will be tested separately. With the results of each test, it is found that the wireless data transmission can completely replace the original wired system in a vehicle, but the piezoelectric generator can not generate adequate power for such a system. Based on the conclusion it will put forward the future design.




Zhang, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Information Technology|Engineering

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