CFD analysis of hotmetal desulfurization process for improved mixing in a torpedo vessel

Xiaoxiao Zhang, Purdue University


A torpedo car is an elongated cylindrical vessel, which is widely used in steel plants to transfer liquid iron from the blast furnace to the melt shop and perform desulfurization process. Removing the sulfur contained in pig iron is very important to meet the stringent quality criteria required in the downstream processes. The desulfurization process is performed in a torpedo vessel during the transportation by injecting desulfurizing reagents into the liquid iron with nitrogen as the carrier gas. An optimization of this process is desired to improve the desulfurization efficiency. In this study, a 3-D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model has been developed to analyze the flow field in the liquid iron bath inside a torpedo vessel. Parametric studies were conducted to assess the opportunities to improve the efficiency of the desulfurization process.




Zhou, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering

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