Assessing introductory-level Spanish learners' attitudes towards feedback in the classroom

Aparecida de Fatima Cordeiro Dutra, Purdue University


This study examines beginner Spanish learners’ attitudes towards feedback in the classroom. The role that feedback plays in second language studies has been debated, and corrective feedback has been justified and criticized under different perspectives. The controversies surrounding feedback have led many researchers to investigate not only the feedback process itself, but variables that could affect its effectiveness. In this context, understanding learners’ attitudes towards feedback is crucial in developing pedagogical practices that will enable learners to benefit from feedback provided. In this study, 38 participants responded to a questionnaire that gathered their attitudes towards oral and written feedback in the classroom. The findings of this study revealed that beginners Spanish learners hold positive attitudes towards feedback in the classroom. The analysis did not find any significant correlation between attitudes and proficiency neither between attitude and level of Spanish. This study also revealed that female participants demonstrated to have significantly more positive attitudes toward feedback than male did.




Neary-Sundquist, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Foreign Language|Language

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