Furniture design and product development principles considering end-of-life options and design for environment strategies

Mesut Uysal, Purdue University


During last decades, environmental issues come into prominence and some governmental or organizational regulations are legislated to reduce environmental impacts of products within their life cycle. At the same time, costumers consider not only price, quality, branding, uniqueness, availability but also environmental impact, safety, and overall sustainability of products they select. Therefore, producers are addressing environmental impact of products they are producing and also making changes to their production process. This project is addressing End-of-Life (EoL) Options of wooden furniture. Although wood is eco-friendly and natural material, its technological process, use and disposal might have ecological problem and challenge. Therefore, it should be considered individually from conception to end of its life to increase ecological quality. The main environmental problem for wooden furniture industry comes up during manufacturing process and disposal of furniture. Applying Design for Environment (DfE) strategies and End of Life (EoL) options can reduce product environmental impact. This study will focus on implementation of DfE and EoL Options in the final stage of the selected product life cycle. Wooden stools constructed by different joinery methods were studies to demonstrate this case. A few solutions are presented: substitution of materials, joinery (such as replacement of metal fasteners with fully wooden joinery), and structure reinforcement techniques. These and other techniques will be investigated for production of reusable and recyclable furniture. The overall goal is to increase the awareness of furniture designers, producers and suppliers of new environmental regulations and to offer some product improvement solutions.




Haviarova, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Wood sciences

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